The first of many

Why blog? A food blog for that matter! Ubiquitous and possibly overdone. And for better or for worse, everybody is, or wants to be a food critic.

To be frank, I started this blog partially because of boredom. After being sent on an assignment by my company to the lush and verdant Borneo island, or East Malaysia; I needed something to retain my sanity and to keep in touch with the outside world, besides Facebook that is. Not exactly the epicenter of civilization, I’m based in Miri, a town defined by it’s oil and gas, and timber industry. The former of which I’m currently bedfellows with. 

That being said, the core reason that I’m doing this, is because I love food. I travel for food. I yearn to try the best dishes across the globe. When I travel, I’m the kind of guy who books the restaurant before the accomodation, and I’m totally unabashed about it! This was inspired during my previous assignment in the Netherlands, eager to cover the best restaurants, from Fat Duck in London, to the humble street side stall selling the best damn pad thai in Bangkok.

Now that I’m back home in Malaysia, it’s high time I conquer Asia.

This is the beginning of a new chapter of my life, and a journey I’d like to share with my friends, as well as those who are interested in food that beckons the soul. To follow the gut, in search of utter deliciousness.

Shall we begin?

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