Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Tian Ho
Tian Ho

I do enjoy a good roast chicken, especially when the skin is properly crispy, and the meat is lusciously tender. The Tian Ho restaurant in Miri definitely does it justice with their roast spring chicken. It is served with two types of sauces, which were a sweet chilli dip and some sort of odd citrusy sauce, the latter of which I didn’t quite fancy.

The restuarant’s Hokkien Mee (i.e. fried egg noodles with shrimp, pork, cabbage and typically cooked with pork lard and thick black soy sauce) was allegedly quite famous, but I found it rather underwhelming and lacking any depth of flavor. I would have added more lard 🙂

Location: Originally located behind the Sarawak energy building, it has since moved beside the Miri food court, along the same row as the Citrus restaurant.

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