Curry some Flavour

One of the quintessential Miri dishes is the Curry rice. Just plain ol’ curry rice.

A no frills dish, plain rice is served with various meat condiments such as steamed chicken breast, pork belly, char siew (the red sauce kind), and occasionally some offal. And finally, the dish is topped off by the star of the dish, a dollop of flavorful curry sauce. And that’s it really.

You can pretty much see the pattern of my Miri based food reviews. Plenty of simple dishes, packed with flavour, but not that much in terms of complexity. Regardless, can’t deny that it’s pretty damn addictive, and my colleagues tend to go for it once a week.

Curry Rice Options in Miri

  1. Liang Cha Pu – Located in Piasau, it’s the corner shop along the same row with Vintage Tea house and the Seahouse bistro. Also serves some decent Kopi Ping (Iced milk coffee), although not as thick (or “kau”) compared to the Happy Dragon’s rendition. Fair warning though, the proprietor of this establishment is less than friendly and looks perpetually ticked off.
  2. Everyday Cafe – Located in the Pelita commercial area, it’s in the middle of the row  of shoplots containing Twisted burger, Desserts, and V-Spa.

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