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Mont Bangkok
Mont Bangkok

Hidden away between a myriad of shops selling trinkets, cheap t-shirts, and faux Calvin Klein underwear, which populate the MBK shopping center in Bangkok, lies a little cafe which serves an assortment of Thai drinks and snacks, but more importantly, they serve one of the best Kaya’s in Bangkok.

Kaya Toast

For the uninitiated, Kaya is a type of coconut jam which is a breakfast staple in parts of South East Asia, made from coconut milk, eggs, pandanus extract (or just plain pandan), and sugar.

With the Thai variant, Kaya is served hot and rather fluid, slathered upon a thick, crisply buttered toast. It is quite different from the version that you get back home in Malaysia or Singapore, which are typically thin toast served with cold butter and kaya. Now don’t get me started on the stuff that’s served in the various commercial Kopi Thiam (or Coffee Stall) that are proliferating across South East Asia, which is the embodiment of what is wrong with our food industry nowadays. Over-commercialized, and honestly, utter crap. But, I digress.

Honestly, I like this version. The kaya is made fresh and lasts for 3 days upon purchase, which probably indicate the lack of preservatives in it. The toast itself has the right balance of fluffiness coupled with a crispy exterior, which is just divine when topped off with the hot liquid Kaya.

If you need a sugar rush to fuel your shopping spree, do drop by this place to get a Kaya injection. Two types of Kaya are served i.e. Brown and Green version, the latter of which has a stronger Pandan flavour and is sweeter.

Location: 444 Payathai Road | 2nd Fl., MBK Shopping CentreBangkokThailand

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