Food Itinerary – Melbourne

The great city of Melbourne, often quoted as the most liveable city in the world, and home to my alma mater. As a student, you never quite appreciate it, especially with quite a limited student budget. Upon my eventual return, it is both a combination of the new and old, jarring and familiar at the same time. And with a heftier budget, it’s time that I truly do justice to this brilliant city, and its amazing and diverse food scene.

Here are some of my favorites thus far :


This is also covered in my brunch article HERE.

  1. Top Paddock – Located in Richmond, it is a brilliant brunch place with good coffee, and definitely one of the better eggs “bearnaise” that I ever had.

    Eggs Benedict with poached egg, ham hock, and bearnaise sauce
    Eggs Benedict with poached egg, ham hock, and bearnaise sauce
  2. Hammer and Tong 412 – Located in Brunswick St., Fitzroy, is another well acclaimed brunch location with its fantastic soft shell crab burger. IMAG0679
  3. Le Miet et la Lune – Located near the University of Melbourne, my alma mater, lies a rather comfy cafe, with a very decadent butterscotch french toast with bananas and almonds.

Other noteworthy brunches include Hardware Societe (120 Hardware Lane), and Chez Dre.


  1. Supernormal – The brainchild of Andrew McConnell, is his asian themed restaurant which I’ll happily return to. The Lobster Rolls are LEGEND, wait-for-it, DARY!

    Lobster Rolls
    Lobster Rolls
  2. Movida – Truly one of the best Spanish/Catalan restaurants in Australia, by Frank Camorra. The Iberico de Bellota, and the dried aged wagyu beef with poached and black truffles were absolutely brilliant. Please read my detailed review HERE.
  3. Dessert House – Okay, I admit that I’m a bit partial with this one, but definitely my classic joint to get unpretentious Hong Kong cuisine. The salt and pepper fried chicken, paired with fried rice, is my absolute favourite.
  4. Stalactites – A local institution with very decent Greek food, and open 24/7!
  5. Saint Crispin – Located in Collingwood, this restaurant focuses on locally sourced produce to make simple, but ultimately delicious dishes.

    Western plains pork, miso, beans, charred cabbage, and nashi
    Western plains pork, miso, beans, charred cabbage, and nashi
  6. Vue de Monde – With the kitchen headed by Shannon Bennett, trained by Marco Pierre White in London, serves one of more extravagant meals you’ll possibly ever have in Melbourne, with a fantastic view from the top of the Rialto towers.
  7. Attica – Ranked in the Top 50 restaurants in the world, chef Ben Shewry sources local ingredients and draws inspiration from nature itself, coupled with techniques learned back in his home of New Zealand. Still on my hit list, but unanimously favored by my friends who had been there. Possibly the best new restaurant in Melbourne, if not the entire Australia.


  1. Il Dolce Freddo – Despite my many travels, this local Lygon st. institution still ranks as one of my favourite gelato parlours in the world. And yes, I’ve tried San Crispino in Rome.
  2. N2 Extreme Gelato – Located in the very hip Fitzroy neighbourhood. Besides being my good friend’s brainchild, it serves amazingly progressive and avant garde gelato flavours, ranging from Kimchi to Durian.

Here’s my Melbourne Food Itinerary.

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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