Guest Contributor – Ghent Food Itinerary

While I’m stuck in the middle of the ocean, enjoying the calorifically generous offshore cuisine, my good friend Christophe was kind enough to provide the next food itinerary for one of his favourite cities in Belgium, which is Ghent. Although other major Belgian cities such as Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp steal the touristic limelight, there are plenty of wonderful gems across this gastronomically focused country. And Ghent is definitely a city worth visiting, and to enjoy its culinary pleasures. 

Christophe is immensely passionate about the subject of food, and in fact takes it one step further by cultivating his old garden full of veggies and fruits, using it in his dishes as well as making jams and pickles. Truly a “Garden” to Table cuisine! So I definitely trust his judgement, and so should you!

Please enjoy the wonderful Ghent Food Itinerary.

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