Beefing Up in Japan

With summer in full swing, our lunch option is probably not the most practical of ideas. But what the hey, we’re on holiday! Conventional thinking out the window, with the purpose of having a bloody good time.

My couple friend who had recently visited Kyoto highly recommended this yakiniku place, known as Matsusaka Gyu. As the name implies, this restaurant serves beef from the nearby Matsusaka region. After Kobe, this is arguably the next best thing. And after today’s experience, I feel compelled to agree with that.

I had opted to dine at the restaurant’s branch in Hozenji Yokocho, which was tucked away in an alley way within the Hozenji temple. The setting was quite intimate, with the grill right in your face. Thank the heavens for good ventilation fans and air conditioning! This was much appreciated, considering that we haven’t had a chance to check into the hotel to cool down, and traversed quite a bit across Osaka with the hustle and bustle of the weekend.

We had opted for the Matsusaka gyu special, which gave 4 pieces from different parts of the cow, the most luxurious being the sirloin. But in general, the marbling of the beef was brilliant as depicted in the pictures below.

Matsusaka Beef Special
Matsusaka Beef Special

We greased up the grill with some beef fat, and away we cooked! Most pieces were cooked to Medium rare after searing each side for about 10 seconds.


Although this might have been a better winter activity, the lusciousness of the beef more than made up for the heat. We had also paired this with a stone bowl cooked garlic fried rice, which was laced with copious amounts of bacon. I apologize for the lack of pictures, as I was blinded by the deliciousness of the garlic rice, which took the whole experience to another level.

And to cap things off, we had a Yuzu sorbet to cool us down. Definitely a good idea before facing the scorching weather once again.

Yuzu Sorbet
Yuzu Sorbet

This is definitely a recommended spot for those who follow the way of the beef. I’m honestly glad that my mom and brother enjoyed the meal, both who can be a quite finicky when it comes to food. The damage came out to about 6500 yen per person (or about RM200). Considering the quality of the beef, it was definitely worth it.

It’s good to be back in Japan.

Location: 1-1-19, Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0075, Japan. +81-6-6211-2917. 5 min walk from Namba Station. Also on my Osaka & Kyoto Food Itinerary.


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