I Love me some Fried Chicken

Nasi Lalapan is one of the best things about Miri, and is very similar to Nasi Ayam Penyet which can be found in most mainstream Indonesian restaurants. The dish is typically served with fried chicken, but you can have it with fried fish, fried duck, or shrimp as well. I tend to opt for the fried chicken option, which is my default comfort food these days. The dish is then served with a large dollop of fresh chilli sambal, and various veggies.

Lalapan Ayam - Curry Pasta
Lalapan Ayam – Curry Pasta

Honestly, I don’t really care for the typically overcooked or undercooked greens which accompanies the Lalapan, but the fried chicken and sambal certainly makes up for it. After exploring various lalapan stores in town such as Muara, Cahaya Taufik, Surabaya, Shukie, and Curry Pasta. I reckon the last one got the balance right.

The fried chicken is nicely moist on the inside, while most of the other abovementioned options serve rather underwhelming, dried out chicken. The sambal is made from fresh chillies and garlic, and after squeezing some calamansi lime to it, makes for a wonderful dip that is spicy with a nice acidity to it, which brings some much needed brightness to the dish. The only downside to Curry Pasta is the portions, and I had to order two pieces of chicken in order to compensate for my increased metabolism (and appetite) after some intense gym workouts.

If you’re ever in Miri, nasi Lalapan is definitely a must try. And come on, who doesn’t love fried chicken?

Location: Jalan Miri – Lutong, Lutong Baru, 98000. Openrice.


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