Food for Thought

Everybody has their favourite dish, their favourite restaurant, method of eating, so on and so forth. Traditions aside, people like to argue which is the best or better. And in my opinion, probably none of it really matters. Taste is personal, and everybody has their preferences or predilections.

Who am I to judge which is the best restaurant in the world, or the best nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur? My recommendations are merely based from my own experiences, and thus forming my personal opinion based on the circumstances of that particular meal.

And to be honest, sometimes that noodle stall nearby home will suffice. It may not be the best noodles in the world, but it’s something you grew up with and attach some sentimental value to. And chances are, after a tough week, you’re probably back there eating again, and having a nice banter with the lady who had been making it for decades.

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