Miri Restaurant Review – Dynasty

If the restaurant has the word “Dynasty” or “Kee” at the end of the name, chances are it’s Chinese, and in this case pretty damn delectable. And as usual, we tend to over-order whenever there are guests around. But as Chinese hospitality dictates, they shan’t be leaving hungry.

Peking Duck
Peking Duck

First course, Peking duck. With a rather glossy and crispy exterior, the duck skin is carved tableside and individually wrapped, slathered with hoi sin sauce, and garnished with slivers of spring onions and chilli. The default dish we tend to order when patronizing this restaurant, and certainly a crowd pleaser.

For the meat, we decided to have it sauteed with spring onions and ginger, which mellows out the gamey duck flavour, and is very tasty of course.

Duck meat sauted with spring onions and ginger
Duck meat sauteed with spring onions and ginger

Next, we had pork ribs marinated with honey and plum sauce. One of the few things in Miri that makes me, for a very brief moment, forget that I’m not back home in Kuala Lumpur. It’s sweet, juicy, and just incredibly satisfying. Enough said, really.

Plum and Honey Ribs
Plum and Honey Ribs

The obligatory vegetable dish, which is Midin cooked with sambal belachan. This particular rendition being a tad more belachan-y compared to the other versions I’ve had thus far. Fulfilled my fiber intake, to say the least.

Midin with Sambal
Midin with Sambal

And the coup de grace, braised pork belly i.e. Dong Po Yok. The exterior is just incredibly glossy, and the meat moist and unctuous. I wouldn’t say it’s fall off the fork tender, but it was certainly very tasty. And yes, we are total suckers for pork and lard. Brain food, I say.

Tung Po Yok - Braised pork belly
Dong Po Yok – Braised pork belly

Arguably one of the best Chinese restaurants in Miri, and a great place to bring visitors who are in need of a pork injection. Reservations are recommended, as the place fills up pretty quickly even on weekdays.

Location: Oil Town Commercial Complex (Next to Dynasty Hotel), Jalan Chia Tze Chin, 98000 Miri, Sarawak. +6085 424 000.


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