Tofu-ing around with Nuts

If folks from Melaka and Penang say that the food is good, then it’s probably bloody awesome, especially in a town such as Miri. No offense to the locals. You’re really salt-of-the-Earth, wonderful and caring people, but you gotta admit that food isn’t necessarily your forte.

This, though, gives a glimmer of hope that there are beacons of gastronomical goodness in this part of Sarawak which is not named Kuching. Getting there isn’t too difficult if you’re familiar with Miri, otherwise get a local friend to bring you there and share the love.

First of all, look out for this sign! Located at Jalan Tulipa, which is one of the turn-offs along Jalan Jee Foh 4, and right beside the Chinese school.


Now, look for this house. Surely a good sign that folks come here despite its obscure location.


Now, I must admit that I’m not a connoiseur of Rojak (translated into “Mixture”) or Sotong Tauhu (Cuttlefish with Tofu), and only truly appreciate its deliciousness as of late. That being said, I thought that this was truly exceptional.

First, the Rojak. Immediate impression is that there’s a healthy dose of crushed peanuts. The dark peanut sauce is a sweet and viscous mixture that plays off well with a mix of cucumber and pineapple shards, and the perfectly tender cuttlefish.


But now, the true star of this place is the Sotong Tauhu. The shards of tofu were lusciously soft and warm, and paired wonderfully with the cuttlefish, peanut sauce and crushed peanuts. Even non-believers of tofu may be swayed into the dark side after a few bites of this dish. That being said, it is by no means a healthy dish, and a few rounds of high intensity interval training (HIIT) might be in order after this midday snack.

Sotong Tauhu (Cuttlefish with Tofu)
Sotong Tauhu (Cuttlefish with Tofu)

Now, that totally hit the spot.

Location: Jalan Tulipa (along Jalan Jee Foh 4), Miri. Right beside Sekolah Menengah Pei Min. Google Maps

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