Khao Soi Madness

Khao Soi, the name just doesn’t make sense when you translate it in Thai i.e. Rice Road. Well, it doesn’t matter as it’s a bloody awesome dish that must be experienced whilst in Northern Thailand. Redolent of curry mee in Malaysia, it’s a rich and spicy concoction of egg noodles in a rich coconut milk curry broth, topped with crispy noodle shards, chicken (albeit I’ve seen variants with beef or pork), shallots, garlic, lime, etc.

Whilst in Chiang Mai, we tried a local joint that had been around for around 70 years. It had a range of different Northern dishes, but obviously the star of the meal was the Khao Soi. Mind you I’ve only had it thrice thus far and by no means a Khao Soi connoiseur, but this was quite a satisfying bowl of food. Portions were cute, but the sheer number of dishes ordered help to offset the portion sizes.


And who doesn’t love pork rinds or chicharrons? It gives an added texture to any dish, and tastes of heaven. Over in this part of the world, they eat it as a snack dipped with a spicy Nam Prik green chilli dip. Stuffed my luggage with a few bag of these to keep me going. Well, until Christmas at least.


Another lovely Northern dish is the spicy Lanna sausage, which is typically made with pork, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and of course, chillies. It has a nice fiery kick to it, and anything with pork is always brilliant.

Lanna Sausage
Lanna Sausage

What I had was merely the tip of the iceberg for Northern Thai cuisine, with much more that needs to be explored to truly do it justice. It’s totally different from the more popular Isaan cuisine from the East, but it deserves proper recognition as well, although I reckon Andy Ricker may be doing just that. Check out his story on Munchies.

In any case, I do hope to be back in this part of the world at some point. Too many dishes, and too little time to consume them all!

Location: Khao Soi Lam Duan Fa Ham. 352/22 Charoenraj Road | near Wat Fa Ham Temple, Chang Phueak, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand. Trip Advisor

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