Ode to Ramli Burger

Now that’s one ugly ass burger. Enjoy the visual glory that is arguably one of the best Ramli burgers in Kuala Lumpur. It is what it is, with no fluff about it.

Om Burger Ampang
Om Burger Ampang

Located in front of a 7-11 shop (as they all usually do) nearby International School KL (ISKL). The proprietor of this shops only opens late at night i.e. around 10-11pm, and serves one heck of a Ramli burger. And it brandishes the all mighty Malaysian flag, always a good sign I suppose. Rumors say he used to be a drug dealer, which would seem to make sense as his burgers are so good we suspect there’s crack in it. At least hopefully not the kind you’re thinking of. Or is it? 🙂


The mise en place sure looks promising. Best not to ask questions, and just submit yourself to the will of the burger!


The end result is total satisfaction, but probably a few days reduced from your lifespan. Definitely worth a gander for the uninitiated. We, on the other hand, will definitely make a pilgrimage here whenever the stars are aligned, or next Friday. Whichever is quicker.

Location: 2-20, Lorong Kerja Ayer Lama (Ukay Heights), 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia. (Best bet is to go after 11pm) Foursquare

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