Universal Happiness in Brunei?

I’ve always frequented the oft visited Kaizen sushi restaurant in Seria, but unbeknownst me was an unassuming little kopitiam (coffee shop) across the street, which serves the classic fare of steamed or toasted bread with butter, kaya, french toast, and the like. Nowadays we’re more accustomed to the ubiquitous albeit unremarkable Old Town White Coffee, Pappa Rich, and their kin whom are a far cry from the kopitiams from the “good ol’ days” (feeling positively ancient when I say that). That’s why I’m glad when I was introduced by a good friend to this place, ran by the original family, which is always a good thing.


We tried an array of bread options such as the steamed and toasted bread with kaya and butter, egg sandwich, and the french toast. The steamed bread was brilliantly soft and fluffy, and had a pleasant chewy texture to it. Being a rather scorchingly hot day, we opted for the ice coffee and tea. Although it wasn’t as intense or thick as the ones at Happy Dragon, the coffee and tea flavour was definitely pronounced, which is a quite rarity with the diluted iterations we might get at most other places.


The french toast was also well done, which was fluffy and had the surprising addition of cheese stuffed into it.


Simple but good food is always a revelation. Although it seems like a trivial affair, unknown to us is the various steps taken to ensure that each ingredient is properly prepared with the utmost care. From baking proper bread to ensuring that the components are well balanced without being overtly sweet. We don’t see any of that, just the final product which we promptly inhale or quaff down.

In any case, do take the time to visit this little cafe and transport yourself back in time to have good bread and celebrate the simple, good life.

Location: Universal Cafe. No. 11, Jalan Sultan Omar Ali, Seria KB 2733 Brunei Darussalam. Google Maps. (Closes At 4.30PM) 

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