Thai cookery at its Best

I love this place. Hands down, one of the best Thai restaurants I had been to in Bangkok thus far. No frills, straight forward cooking, and that’s all we need really. Oh, did I mention that the chef used to cooked for the Royal family? And King Bhumipol’s late sister used to frequently patronise this place, and I can definitely see why.

Haven’t been back for a year or so,  and the place was renovated with new wooden panels on the walls, which makes the place feel a tad cosier. My mom and I always visit whenever we’re in Bangkok together. A pilgrimage of sorts, I suppose. She loves the simplicity of the dishes, which are fresh and more well balanced compared to the regular iterations one might get in regular Thai restaurants.

Now for some of our favourite dishes.

First, was local flowers stir fried with minced pork. Very simple and clean flavours. Definitely one of my favourite dishes.

Local flowers stir fried with Minced Pork
Local flowers stir fried with Minced Pork

Next, was a stir-fried crab curry. The sweetness of the crab definitely shined through, and went well with the mildly spiced curry.

Stir-fried crab curry

I’m always amazed by the perfectly shaped omelette that’s served here. The omelette was well cooked and still relatively fluffy on the inside, and with substantial amounts of crab interspersed within the globule of the omelette. Definitely a must-do whenever we’re here.

Crab Omelette
Crab Omelette

And of course, you gotta have the Green curry! We had ours with chicken, and the curry included the usual mix of Thai basil leaves, local eggplants and cubes of young coconut. The curry itself was well balanced with enough spice and without being overtly salty nor creamy. I particularly enjoyed the young coconut and eggplants, the former adding a crunch to the dish, whilst the latter gave a nice bitterness to it.


Another fantastic meal at Krua Apsorn. It’s definitely off the beaten path and challenging to find, but I gotta say the effort always pays off.

I highly recommend that you ask your hotel concierge to give directions to the taxi, and to print out a copy of the map from the restaurant’s website. The restaurant itself is located near the National Library, and about a 30 minute drive from the center of Bangkok with minimal traffic.

Location: Samsen Road, Samsen 1 Alley, Wat Sam Phraya, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok. +66-2241-8528. Website

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