Restaurant Review – Sushi Masuda

Review Score: 88 / 100.

After trying a few proper sushi places like Sushi Jiro Roppongi and Sushi Harutaka, I’m starting have an inkling of what would constitute as good sushi, as well as my own predilections. Sushi Jiro as I had initially recalled was very well balanced, although the ambiance was a bit too stiff for my liking. Sushi Harutaka, on the other hand, the rice tends skew towards having more vinegar which was occasionally a tad overwhelming. After failing to get a place at Sushi Saito (again), I went for another sushi restaurant ran by one of Jiro’s younger apprentices, Sushi Masuda. He has garnered an impressive 2 Michelin stars and was previously ranked no.14 in Tabelog’s best sushi list (See Here).

The chef is definitely younger than the Shokunin in sushi Harutaka. But having cut his teeth under Jiro, I’m pretty sure he is more than capable to deliver the goods.

We started off with a Sashimi of Red Snapper. I was mesmerized by its translucent beauty, and the fish was incredibly fresh and had great texture.

Red Snapper Sashimi

Next, was Conger sea eel with some lime and Togarashi pepper spice, which gave the dish a bit of heat.

Conger Eel

After that, we moved on to the chef’s signature dish, which was salt grilled Kinmedai or Golden eye snapper. This was paired with daikon and soy sauce. Seemingly simple dish but the it was perfectly cooked and certainly highlighted the quality of the fish,

Salt grilled Kinmedai

For the life of me, I can’t recall the fish used in this dish. Nevertheless, it was steamed and served some finely chopped chives. The fish had a meaty texture and the chives had a pleasant bitterness to it.

Fish with Spring Onions

One of the more interesting dishes that I had was Blowfish milt, which was caramelized on the outside and had a hot liquid center. The liquid was quite rich and creamy, and paired well with the acidity from the Japanese lime.

Blowfish Milt

Next, was sushi with squid or Ika. The texture was crispy on the outside but the interior was smooth and almost milky.

Ika – Squid

After that was a large clam sushi (possible Hamaguri), which also had a lovely crisp texture.

Clam Sushi

One of the highlights was the amazingly luxurious Yellowtail, which was of exceptional quality and a luscious bite of food.


One of my favourites is the Akami or lean tuna. The chef definitely did it justice here as it was a very flavorful sushi.

Lean Tuna – Akami

After that, was the decadent Chutoro or medium fatty Tuna. Perfect amount of fattiness which was cut by the vinegar in the rice.

Chutoro – Medium Tuna

Next, was a perfectly cooked and warm Ebi or shrimp sushi. The flesh was very firm and perfectly cooked. Interesting to note that they didn’t served theirs with the shrimp head.

Ebi – Shrimp

And of course, the magnificent Uni or sea urchin. Masuda’s version was amazingly fresh and definitely up to snuff against the best of them.

Uni – Sea Urchin

Moving on, were scallops. The texture of the scallop was perfect and had a nice natural sweetness.


Next was one my favourites, Anago or Sea eel. The sweet sauce appeared more thick and viscous than most places I’d been to, but the result was still a delicious bite with the right amount of sweetness.

Sea Eel – Anago

And to conclude the savory bit, were some delicious Tuna rolls.


And then the customary Tamagoyaki. The chef apparently takes 90 minutes to make his version, and the results are quite apparent as the texture is fluffy, with a rich flavour which is not overtly sweet. Probably the best Tamagoyaki I’ve had thus far.


Masuda is clearly a talented and competent chef who prepares his sushi in a deft and focused manner. The result is an array of well balanced and perfectly prepared dishes. I felt that the vinegar used here was much more well balanced than that at Harutaka, although both places are comparable in quality and are very, very good. The chef was able to speak some basic English and able to translate the dishes for us. Ambiance was definitely more relaxed that that at Jiro’s, although still not as lively as Harutaka’s. Overall, a fantastic sushi meal and one can do no wrong eating here.

Location: B1F, BC Minamiaoyama Property, 5-8-11 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo. +813-6418-1334.

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