Gulp and Grub is all about food, and the required journey to get to it. Personally, it’s a learning process (mostly for myself), and also about connecting with other cultures via their cuisine and culinary heritage. It’s not necessarily about looking for the perfect dish, as everybody’s taste buds are unique, but more about enjoying the overall dining experience. We should reward experimentation, as we challenge our boundaries and continue to innovate. Some folks cringe at the thought of molecular gastronomy, but when done well without compromising flavour, it can be quite the revelation. Some sterling examples include the Fat Duck, the now defunct El Bulli, and Alinea, who use the techniques to surprise, and actually improve the dish. In any case, flavour and proper execution is of paramount importance.

Over time the goal has evolved, and I’m now more focused on eating at the very best restaurants around the globe (budget permitting). It’s not just a tick on the box, but rather I’m looking for restaurants whose concepts truly interest me, from the paragons of Nouvelle cuisine e.g. Paul Bocuse, Troigros, to Modern Peruvian cuisine such as Central, Maido, etc. Naturally, I pay for my own meals.

I’ve sort of being avoiding this for awhile, but it seems inevitable and perhaps its time to provide a scoring system for restaurant reviews. It’s a very convenient and suitable benchmark to compare against, but sometimes the totality of the dining experience doesn’t quite compare in an apples to apples manner. A full blown dining experience at Fäviken in a rustic farmhouse right in the middle of nowhere in Sweden with an adorable little Tipi for after dinner drinks doesn’t quite match up to a perfectly enjoyable French fine dining lunch at Les Amis in Singapore. This will be a subjective assessment and it won’t be perfect, but rather my thoughts on the matter and very personal to me.

So here we go:

Scores         Ranking               Meaning 

90 – 100       Magnificent         Flawless dining experience and meal progression

80 – 89         Excellent              Innovative, technically precise, delicious cuisine

70 – 79         Very Good           Generally good food and cooking

60 – 69         Decent                 Adequate meal, nothing to shout about

59 – 0           Nope

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