Hi there! I’m Meng, a Malaysian in origin, and have traversed the globe throughout my studies and career between Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Ann Arbor, The Hague, and currently Miri. And no, I won’t be making a porno with Zack. I’m a chemical engineer by day, and a culinary explorer by night. Food is my passion, and I’d like to share that with the world.

Gulp and Grub is all about food, and the required journey to get to it. Personally, it’s a learning process, and also to about connecting with the culture associated with the origins of the dish. It’s not necessarily about looking for the perfect dish, as everybody’s tastebuds are unique, but more about enjoying the experience. We should reward experimentation, as we challenge our boundaries and improve to make things better.

The first phase of my blog project will be predominantly Asia specific, but with sprinklings of travels across the globe whenever an opportunity presents itself.

My passion is also sharing my food itineraries, and will be happy to assist anybody who wants recommendations for restaurants, or to develop an eating itinerary for them based on their budget and preferences.

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