Review Scoring

I’ve sort of being avoiding this for awhile, but it seems inevitable and perhaps its time to provide a scoring system for restaurant reviews. It’s very convenient and a suitable benchmark to compare against, but sometimes the totality of the dining experience doesn’t quite compare in an apples to apples manner. I mean, a full blown dining experience at Fäviken in a rustic farmhouse right in the middle of nowhere in Sweden with an adorable little Tipi for after dinner drinks doesn’t quite match up to a perfectly enjoyable French fine dining lunch at Les Amis in Singapore. This will be a subjective assessment and it won’t be perfect, but rather my thoughts on the matter and very personal to me.

So here we go:

Scores         Ranking               Meaning 

90 – 100       Magnificent         Flawless dining experience and meal progression

80 – 89          Excellent              Innovative, technically precise, delicious cuisine

70 – 79          Very Good           Generally good food and cooking

60 – 69          Decent                 Adequate meal, nothing to shout about

59 – 0            Nope


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