Miri, Sarawak

It’s official! Google had finally updated the map for Miri, and with that I present to you the grossly overdue Miri Food Itinerary!

It is by no means all encompassing, but rather a collection of personal haunts that I wouldn’t mind frequenting regularly. Hopefully it serves as a useful guide for locals and newcomers, and proof that Miri isn’t half bad after all. Well it’s still mind numbingly boring at times, but at least you’ll eat well, and chances are in the presence of friendly locals and out-of-towners alike. By the way, I’d advise against challenging them to a drinking contest, as they’ll probably drink you under the table. That being said, I do love the local Tuak! A definite must quaff during Gawai (Harvest Festival) or at an Iban wedding.

I hate providing top 10, 20, or 50 lists, plus I’m sure everybody has their personal favourites whom they would swear by, cross my heart and all that jazz. But below are places that you’ll probably find me every week, if I’m ever in town that is.

  1. Vintage Tea House – If you’re ever in need of some home cooking, but better, try out this place at Piasau. Serves a ridiculously addictive deep fried butter pork, as well as a very respectable Hainanese chicken rice on Sundays. A home away from home for me.
  2. Everyday Cafe Pelita – Used to be located at Tanjung Lobang Store No.7, but recently relocated to the more convenient Pelita location. Arguably the best fried chicken wings in Miri, plus a myriad of seafood dishes to devour. Personal favourites are the grilled Stingray (or Ikan Pari) with belacan, tom yum fish, and midin belacan.
  3. Happy Dragon – The best place to get a proper Kopi Ping or Teh C Ping. Kolo mee and Kom Pia (Fu Chow burgers) are also pretty decent. On most days it’s packed to the brim, but isn’t too hard to get a table with a little bit of patience.
  4. Meng Chai – One of the better seafood restaurants around, and in my opinion (whatever that’s worth), the best fried Calamaris in Miri, which are ludicrously delicious.

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