Osaka & Kyoto

Looking forward to my impending Japanese sojourn in 2 weeks, and here’s my Osaka & Kyoto Food Itinerary as it is.

I’ve thus far managed to collate the recommendations from my friends, as well as distilling the information available from various forums, blogs, and websites e.g. Chowhound, Japan Guide, Michelin guide, NY Times, and etc., in order to arrive at this draft food itinerary. Ranging from Okonomiyaki, Matsusaka yakiniku, pork buns, Kyoryori, traditional Kaiseki meals, you name it. I’m also contemplating about visiting the Yamazaki distillery at it’s namesake town, which is a mere 30 minute journey from Kyoto station. So many options, yet so little time!

Please note that it’s a working document. But feel free to browse and provide your recommendations as well! I’ll add juicy bits once I had completed my trip, sharing my revelations as well as tribulations while I’m at it.

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