Who doesn’t love Tokyo? It may be one of the most densely populated places on Earth, but everything seems to work, and folks are friendly and bizarre enough to keep things interesting with the likes of Robot restaurant, cosplay at Harajuku, and the like. Probably won’t be a place that I’ll enjoy working at, but still an amazing place to visit time and time again as a tourist.

Food is truly amazing, and Tokyo is arguably the best place in the world to eat. With that, I present to you my Tokyo food itinerary, which is just a tiny ripple in the magnificence that is this amazing metropolis.

Please enjoy my Tokyo Food Itinerary.

Restaurant & Cafes

  1. L’Effervescence – Modern French cuisine using the best Japanese ingredients available, resulting in fresh and remarkable dishes.
  2. L’as – Came highly recommended by a friend and similar to L’Effervescence. Very good value lunch menus.
  3. Sushi Jiro Roppongi – Easier to get a booking than the original at Ginza, and probably comes really close to the original.
  4. Sushi Harutaka – Really good sushi at a relaxed atmosphere. Revered by local chefs, and users at Tabelog ranked it as one of the best sushi-yas in Tokyo.
  5. Quintessence – Modern French fine dining cuisine by a chef trained at the three Michelin starred L’Astrance in Paris. Incredibly hard to get a booking, and aim for the more affordable lunch reservation.
  6. Negishi – I love tongue, beef tongue that is. Good value for money lunches, and loved that it includes poached egg with the dish.
  7. Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki – Amazing pâtissier with shops across Paris and Tokyo. Opt for the degustation dessert platter to taste a selection of his works.


I’ll leave it to the experts, in particular Ivan Orkin, who’s the only Gaijin who actually made it big with Ramen in Tokyo! Click on the link below to his recommendations on Lucky Peach magazine.





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