Yangon, Myanmar

I struggle sometimes, as to truly know a place would require a proper relocation to the said location and to delve deep into their culture, understand the various nuances and generally keep an open mind. To compare against your own culture is ultimately unfair and unjust.

Myanmar truly blew my mind, and my first trip truly showed how little I knew about the place. That said, I’ll endeavour to depict my thoughts on the place, and the eateries that had impressed me thus far. Bear with me, and in any case, feel free to educate me further about this beautiful country, which has so much to offer.

This is my Food Itinerary for you to peruse and enjoy.


  1. Jing Hpaw Myay – One of my more memorable eating experiences in Yangon, which was a Kachin style restaurant which isn’t shy with flavours and spices.
  2. Aung Mingalar – One of the local haunts for decent Shan noodles.
  3. Rangoon Tea House – Upscale tea house with decent food. Particularly enjoyed the Biryani, and heard that the Mohinga is decent.
  4. Feel Myanmar Food – Good range of local delicacies at this tea house.
  5. Lucky Seven – Local chain of tea houses which serves pretty decent grub.


  1. Vista Bar – Good bar with a lovely view of Shwedagon Pagoda, which is absolutely breathtaking at night.
  2. Kosan Bar – Decent rooftop bar above the Yama dormitory guesthouse at Botataung with reasonably priced drinks.


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